LTT SPORTS as a member of Leadership Think Tank Group has been established to assist sports organisations, in particular those involved in professional football, such as football clubs and national associations, to analyse and develop their STRATEGY and management mechanisms, especially in view of the need to increase the level of sustainability, creativity and knowledge within the industry.

Professional sports organisations are traditionally under pressure to deliver sporting results, which firmly places the focus of their management on the short term. At the same time, these organisations and their stakeholders also have an interest in developing a strategic outlook on their activities in order to ensure the continuing and successful functioning of the organisation itself. This strategic outlook can in turn adjust the day – to – day practice.

Delivering sustainability and financial stability is a primary responsibility of successful regimes, managements and ownerships. The LTT Sports sees itself firmly in a position to provide telling and useful advice on issues relating to sports management and governance to its partners in the sports industry, and place its expertise fully at the disposal of any entity or individual that would like to receive an expert and impartial opinion on these issues, as well as ideas on how to improve organisations and practices.

Our team of young and creative individuals has been assembled to ensure a high level of professional competence and practical experience, especially in the football and consultancy industries, combined with a complementarity of skills, a strong work ethic and an ultimate desire to continue developing and sharing knowledge throughout the sports industry as a whole.